Bag Lady

I was so excited this week when the shipment with my new Red Cross Bag finally arrived at the office. I have been salivating over them since they were released a few months ago. This handy little pouch can be ordered with or without the first aid kit included.

It is great because while sporting the RC logo, it has three sections and the middle one has an inner zipper for the first aid kit. This is more divisions than some purses!

I went for the empty option; I had plans for it.

I started thinking about the all the possible uses of this wonderful little bag. I have listed them in case anyone would find it helpful but know that this is only scratching the surface:

children’s toys
first aid kit
Journey’s greatest hits on cassette*
mid afternoon snack
nail care set
office supplies
pocket change
power tools
Red Cross certification cards
small dogs
smuggled candy for the movies**

The possibilities are really endless. I’ve opted to use mine as a makeup bag. If you would like to put your creative storage skills to good use please let us know. You can be a Red Cross bag lady (or gentleman) too.

* You know you have one
**I am not endorsing this action