SARC Raises Over $3000 in Letter Campaign

The Students of the American Red Cross at UGA recently participated in a fundraising campaign in an effort to support the East Georgia Chapter’s emergency services to families within its 14 county district. Members of the organization submitted addresses of their friends and family members. Then designated SARC representatives sent formal, typed letters to the given addresses, personalized with the name of each person.

The letters encouraged friends and family to donate money to the organization and help them reach their fundraising goals for the year. Although they didn’t quite make their goal, SARC was able to raise well over $3,000 with the letter-writing campaign. “We all had hoped for more,” said SARC advisor and Executive Director of the East Georgia Chapter, Jeff Taylor, “but based on the science it’s really quite good.” Eight students participated in gathering addresses and SARC members hope that even more students will participate next time. The letter campaign, along with other new fundraising initiatives from the SARC organization, has raised a total of $7,000 towards their $15,000 goal for the school year.

– Shelby Rudd


Executive Director Meets Music Sensation!

Coming to you live in Walton County…. Britney Spears! Well, not exactly, but you can see some similarities to her, right?

This is actually a photo of the Walton Regional Medical Center CEO, Gary Lang. For the past few years, Gary and others have put on a show for the Walton community to celebrate the Walton County United Way fundraising campaign kick-off. This year’s theme is “Under the Big Top.”

Nancy Kinsey, campaign chair, sums it up. “Sometimes we feel like we have our heads in the lion’s mouth,” said campaign chairman Nancy Kinsey, fully getting into the circus theme as other members of the campaign arrived in full big top gear. “But we have some amazing agencies in Walton County, walking a high-wire act above us to help those in need. The United Way is the safety net for those agencies and the people they help.”

Thank you to all of the hard-working individuals at the United Way that raise funds to support the Red Cross and other important agencies!