School isn’t what it used to be……It’s better!

Hull-Sanford Elementary is a learning institution in Madison County teaching more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. These educators are also teaching their students selflessness and compassion.

For two weeks the teachers in each grade have been sharing photos and stories while explaining to the children what has happened in Haiti. This spiraled into a fundraiser, with children bringing in whatever they could to donate to the Haiti relief efforts. Collectively this school raised a whopping $806.

In a school were the ages range from 5 to 10 years old, one would assume the money came from the children’s parents but that wasn’t the case at all. Brothers Zac Collins and Christopher Collins donated the money they received for Christmas. “It’s important because it can help save lives and families,” said Christopher.

And the giving didn’t stop there. Kindergartner Garrett Gilreath emptied out his piggy bank and put every penny into the Haiti Relief Fund. Even as we were taking the picture above Garrett was digging in his pocket and trying to donate his snack money.


Braves are up to Bat for Haiti

The Atlanta Braves’ Troy Glaus, Matt Diaz, Clint Sammons, Eric O’Flaherty, Frank Wren and Glenn Hubbard made an appearance at Academy Sports and Outdoors February 10, 2010 to sign autographs for their biggest fans as part of their Braves Caravan tour around the state. They were also there to help assist the East Georgia American Red Cross in raising money for the Haiti relief efforts.

And what Braves event would be complete without the loveable mascot Homer?! As the Braves were signing autographs, Homer collected donations from the line of fans that wrapped around the store.

The celebrity line-up didn’t end there; we also had an all-star turnout from the volunteers at the American Red Cross East Georgia Chapter, who also collected donations for Haiti and eagerly answered questions for aspiring volunteers.

If you didn’t make it to the event but are still interested in volunteering for Disaster Services have no fear. You can get information by calling the East Georgia Chapter at 706.353.1645 or by visiting